5 Games That Were Remastered in 2018

If you are a gamer, then there are probably some few games that you probably never got enough of. The news of a game being remastered is something you should always be on the lookout for. If you are a nostalgic player then here are the five games that were remastered in 2018. Thanks to public demand, these games have seen some new life in 2018. 

1. The Devil May Cry HD Collection :

Have you always been a fan of Devil May Cry? Then get to the HD collection this year. The graphics are far much better, and so is the gameplay. Dante returns once more, and this time Capcom has made an effort to bring the game to PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Irrespective of your console, you do have a shot at revisiting Dante’s world. Know More : greek-mythology.net

2. Shadow of the Colossus :

Up to date, Shadow of the Colossus has remained to be a favorite game. If you loved it then, you can be assured of loving it, even more, this year. Get to live the life of Colossi as you defeat all of his battles in the hope of reclaiming his lover’s soul. 

3. Dark Souls Remastered :

Was Dark Souls complicated for you in the previous years? Well, you should definitely try it out this year. It’s remastered this year promises better gameplay and HD resolution amidst all consoles. Playing it will be worthwhile. However, the difficulty still remains constant. 

4. Dragons Crown Pro :

This game was quite popular when it made its way onto the PS3 and the Vita Consoles. If you loved it then, you can now play it on the PlayStation 4. It has retained all the heroes, but it has a 4K resolution and a recorded soundtrack with a live orchestra. 

5. Assassins Creed Rogue Remastered :

All big fans of Assassins Creed should probably check this out. Despite the game being overlooked after it was released at the same time with Assassins Creed Unity, it has excellent gameplay. 2018 appears to be a great year for gamers. The above are 5 g games that were remastered this year. Thanks to better tech and great minds in game developer companies, these games have come back exhilarating and better.

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