Things Everyone Knows About MOBILE FORENSICS That You Don’t

Mobile forensics is a branch of digital forensics that specializes in extracting and preserving data from mobile gadgets. The information obtained can be used for criminal investigations or court proceedings. Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. As technology advances, our mobile phones become intertwined with our personal lives. It’s safe to say that our devices know us better than we do. That’s why mobile forensics is an effective method of data collection. If you have recently taken a keen interest in mobile forensics, here are three things everyone knows, that you don’t.

1. Messages and Calls aren’t the Only Information that Can Be Extracted through Mobile Forensics

Most people think that messages employee data theft investigation and calls are the only pieces of data that can be retrieved from a mobile phone. On the contrary, your mobile device stores a plethora of data that can be used for investigations. First, many of us like to take photos and record videos. Any media stored on your device or a drive can be extracted. Browsing data can also be of valuable use. The same applies to location data, especially when tracking your current and previously visited location. Mobile forensics also extracts your contacts and task-management apps.

2. Data Stored on a Device Can Be Permanently Deleted Via a Simple Command Sent on the Internet

The internet is one of the wonders of technology. In mobile forensics, the internet is used in several ways. For the tech-savvy, whenever you lose a device, you can locate it using the Find MY Device service. This service also allows you to wipe all the data by sending a simple command via the internet. This feature is made possible by internet connectivity which keeps on running in the background.

Mobile forensic experts are well aware of this service. It’s why one of the things they often do after retrieving a device is to switch off the internet. This can be achieved by activating airplane mode. Or, the device can be stored in a faraday bag that blocks signals.

3. Mobile Forensics Experts Can Still Extract Data on Locked or Damaged Devices

After buying a new phone, the first step is often setting up a password. Most of us believe that this protects our phones’ data from third parties. However, many tools can be used to break the passcode and give forensic experts access to your device. Breaking your phone is also futile because memory chips can be used to retrieve data.

In Summary

The advancement of mobile phone technology significantly benefits digital forensics. As your smartphone stores more information about you, forensic experts have more leverage. Mobile forensics can be both advantageous and disadvantageous, depending on whether you are the complainant or the accused. Irrespective of the case, it’s best to stay informed about such technological advancements.

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